Atlas Landscape, Maxfield Parrish

So, this morning, I’m looking forward to an easy drive in–good luck with that! An 18-wheeler turned over on the 405 coming out of Long Beach and when I got to the ramp, traffic was backed up four lanes deep. Nothing but a sea of red lights. (SIGH!) Can we PLEASE drive with a modicum of sense, people! I exited at Atlantic and went back home, muttering a few choice words. I waited an hour, and started off again. Smooth sailing this time–as it should be! I used the hour well and worked on A Lamentation of Swans–doing more of my “unofficial” writing, adding more dialogue to the scene between Ferrant and Gadiel.

Christmas Day I got up early and made peach cobbler. My sisters and niece arrived–after a traffic-locked drive from Moreno Valley. I greeted them at the door with a glass of Chardonnay in my hand and a big grin. I was so happy to see them–tears were involved. This was their first time spending Christmas Day at my house. (I wish my brothers could have come, but…perhaps in future.) I’d made our holiday dinner–roast chicken, a variety of vegetable side dishes (roasted green beans and onions, roasted beets, and corn, and squash), and a spinach salad with dried cherries. My sister Val brought a home-made pan of shrimp melontou (a tasty Louisiana dish made with the chayote squash). And for dessert, the peach cobbler with blackberry sauce and French vanilla ice cream, and also key lime pie, courtesy of Val. We talked much, laughed  much, and stuffed our merry faces. After dinner, we opened our gifts, and then off to the movies for the afternoon. Julie wanted to see THE GREAT DEBATERS, but Whitney wanted I AM LEGEND. LEGEND won. I read Richard Matheson’s novel years ago and it’s one of my favorites. All I got to say is the movie is not quite, but Will Smith is always a pleasure.

Since it’s the final week of the year, and most of LA is out of town, I get the pleasure of writing at home in the mornings. I’m not leaving until after 8 and expect to make it to work in record time until after the New Year. It’s only three work days for me this week and I’d like my zen to stay unruffled.  Let’s see if the 18-wheelers and the cars can manage to stay out of each other’s way tomorrow!


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  1. Glad to hear you had such a nice Christmas. And good for you for keeping at the writing. Except for a couple of blogs (and I cheated and posted old stories — Christmas themes) I haven’t had chance but tomorrow cousin is heading for the mountains so it will give me a lone, free day at home to tinker away with Shadow.

  2. A lot of actors I work with are extras in it. I’m afraid the dog dies, so I don’t want to see it. If the dog doesn’t die, I’ll go. So . . .?

  3. Saw I AM LEGEND with my brother and sister over the weekend. Will Smith was fabulous, but I agree that the movie wasn’t a keeper. Hope Devon doesn’t see it….

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