gift horse


Stonemason’s Yard, Antonio Canaletto

Well I couldn’t help it. Since last week I’ve had this one scene beckoning me–Ferrant’s execution of Adobo Calinora, the stonemason’s apprentice. This morning I wrote it. Didn’t finish ’cause I had to leave for the drive down Pico to the office.  Some mornings it can take half an hour to make that drive to Avenue of the Stars. My route takes me past Fox Studios where the red-shirted writers are marching, signs aloft. They have my full support and I hope they’re able to hold out until the studios are on their knees. The studios need to appreciate and respect from whence comes the bounty and give the writers their share. But I digress.

I wrote the scene in the way I wanted to–the pacing, the language, the action all came out right.  Nice to be in the zone. I used a painting by Canaletto as my inspiration for the setting–“Stonemason’s Yard”. I’ll finish it tomorrow.


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  1. Excellent. I really believe these scenes that come to us spontaneously are the ‘right’ ones, the ones that work and rarely need revising. I’ve written most of my novel in this fashion and have scenes right to the end which I surprise myself with when I get up to them (I have put them in order of sequence and have been filling in the action in between).

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