rainy friday


Fairies on the Seashore, Warwick Goble 

As promised, rain came in the pre-dawn hours, but now it’s gone, leaving its calling card of cold biting wind and tarnished skies. Must’ve written at least ten pages of notes this morning during my ALoS session. New ideas popping up like dandelions. I’ve got Ferrant well in hand, and was wondering if Inquisitor Mira–who keeps getting “fired” and “re-hired”–ought to remain with the cast. I’ve got this image of Mira pacing back and forth in the gray matter carrying a sign, “LAST HIRED, FIRST FIRED, NO FAIR!”

Gaius isn’t altogether happy at finding himself demoted from “Star” to “Supporting Cast,” but hey, them’s the breaks.

 I’ve got a pretty good storyline for Mira but stilI I wonder. Also, I need an ANTAGONIST! Ferrant is in conflict with the Chaelmaeca; Mira is in conflict with the Judiciary (when he’s got a job); they both are in conflict with their society; but I’ve got no compelling connections between these conflicts. The big question this morning was: who is the Enemy? What will Ferrant and Mira ultimately fight against and will they do it together? (Hmm…I think so.) I’ve got the whole weekend to dream up the answer.


3 thoughts on “rainy friday

  1. I love the part where you are now, dreaming things up, considering the possibilities. It’s the most open, free, creative part of the process, with a bird’s-eye view of the entire story.


  2. That was my challenge when I outlined Earth Bride before Nano — I had all these great story ideas, but no good villains!

    Now I have several, and the most important to the story continues to surprise me, which is good.

  3. Hi, Adrian! Hi, Devon! This is a good place to be–I’m telling myself. It’s the dream-time; I just have to keep the doubt devils at bay. d:)

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