Mystic Blessings, Luis Ricardo Falero

Rain this morning, air crisp and cold, energizing in the way of wintry weather. Did good work this morning at Starbuck’s, mostly notes about Raeve, and I’ve been thinking about my approach to the narrative, thinking about the voice that tells the story, thinking about narrative style, thinking about what I want to say in the opening chapters, thinking a lot about the omniscient voice and how it’s used in books like Susannah Clarke’s “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, and in nineteenth century novels like Stendhal’s “The Red and the Black”, which I’m currently reading, and the novels of George Eliot, Gustave Flaubert, Thomas Hardy, Emile Zola and Wilkie Collins. There are some contemporary writers who have adapted the nineteenth century narrative style in their novels, without the “dear reader” author intrusion. I’ve seen this most often in fantasy sagas, where a world of information must be presented.

While writing my notes, a conversation between Ferrant’s mentor, Gadiel Rachor, and Ferrant came to me. It was only a bit, but it added another facet to Ferrant for me. Gadiel was cautioning Ferrant about the over-reaching curiosity of the judiciary inquisitor Rijjan Mira, and Ferrant’s reply was “Do you want me to kill him?” Ferrant just spent some time in a mountain monastery. It must’ve made him peevish.


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