no time like the present


Destiny, John William Waterhouse 

Started reading Michelle Rowen’s Stakes and Stilettos last night, found myself laughing out loud and enjoying it as much as I did her first book.

Lisa Gates is offering two free introductory calls in December to give people a taste of the group telecoaching process:

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As I mentioned a little while ago, I did the 20 big questions for writers at her site and it was good for me. If you want to write but can’t figure out how to create the space and time or if you are writing and wrestling with the doubt demons and the frustration devils, or if there’s something creative you want to do, or if you’re trying to find a new direction, I recommend giving Lisa a chance to help you achieve your dream.

Happy writing, d:)


2 thoughts on “no time like the present

  1. Oh dear, how I love being in the company of Waterhouse. Where do you find all these? Thank you for the very kind mention. I appreciate very much.

  2. Not directly connected to your post, but I’m looking at your painting there and pondering.

    What’s in the bowl? Why is she so pensive and grave-looking about drinking it? Is it some kind of religious, eucharistic thing? Is it a powerful hallucinogenic, and she is anticipating the trip – a voyage symbolized by the ships behind her? Or – gasp – is she about to do a Socrates?

    There’s the germ of a story in there!

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