persimmon is a lovely color


Thank you all for the congrats! I’m greatly relieved to be done with it. Not sure if I’ll do it again next year. Prospectus mentioned a happy dance in the end zone–if only I knew how to get a dancing icon on this page! But, imagine, me in front of my writing desk doing the cabbage patch doll dance. There you go! Do stop laughing–you’ll hurt yourself.

I’ve returned to work on A Lamentation of Swans, starting again from square one. Gaius is no longer my main character. Ferrant finally got my attention. He’s not given to speechifying, and he did wave his sword at me a time or two, but I was enamored with Gaius and ignored the poor guy when all along he’s the one with the compelling story. He’s the one whose going to undergo the most profound change, and the one whose viewpoint provides the right perspective. As soon as I led Ferrant into the limelight, a crack fractured the Block.

 I also gave up my long-held, long-cherished time travel plot angle. It was not necessary and I finally recognized it for what it was–a gimmick; a cute gimmick that I thought added shine to the story but it was mere glamour–nothing but dross beneath. Another crack in the Block and a chunk of it fell away. I’m taking December and January to outline the new vision of ALoS, and I hope to start writing it in February. We shall see.

This morning’s weather news mentioned a return of the Santa Anas tomorrow. Today turned out balmy, so methinks we’re in for more days of warm dry winds and bright sunshine.

As a treat to myself–the first of many to come–for finishing the November novel, I picked up Michelle Rowen’s Stakes and Stilettos. Treat-wise, I’m just getting started. In December I get extremely self-indulgent. It’s a wonder I give away the gifts!

Oh yeah–I submitted  Lost and Found to an e-zine. Pushing the “send” button was a little scary, but I closed my eyes and pushed the little bird out of the nest. It really is a good story; it deserved to try its wings again.


3 thoughts on “persimmon is a lovely color

  1. Well it certainly sounds like you’re on the right track. I’m sure LofS will all come together for you. Just give it time. (oh yes, I know you’ve been spending lots of time on it… know what I mean.)

    I’ve managed to finish another chapter of Shadow this week and ready to plunge into the next which is partially written. Moving along a bit quicker now after a week or so of slacking off. Wish I’d see the same results with the dieting!

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