first new step

Flying Fish, Herbert James Draper

Last year in November I didn’t sign up for NANO but I competed on my own, and with the encouragement of friends Devon and Michelle, finished a rough draft of Silk River. Writing that novel under the intense pressure of NANO was like breaking up an iceberg with a hammer. I didn’t know where I was going with the story, but I slammed down scenes and stuff everyday and it was great. I actually wrote my way to a real ending, with a climax and everything! The middle is stew but nevertheless the book turned out to be a tasty dish. This year I decided yes, then decided no–that I would work on A Lamentation of Swans during November and aim for 50,000 words more, but then, due to life throwing a couple grenades my way, I decided no. I’ve changed my mind again now. Saturday night I signed up for NANO to write the Isabella book. I’ve got my hammer, and the iceberg is not so big this time.

4 thoughts on “first new step

  1. Good luck.

    I couldn’t write much for some months after my mother’s death, and Nano 2005 was my worst failure. But maybe your mind works differently.

  2. Way to go! And a good way to deal with the grief is to immerse oneself in other worlds far away for a time. Good luck with this. I admire you writers that tackle these things!

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