Swans, Leon Spilliaert

Just a quickie post to respond to all the kind comments. My surgery went well; I was in the hospital for the past 3 days, and am home now (Saturday). The staples are out and I’ve got a bottle of vicodin close to hand (right now I’m feeling no pain–heh) and six weeks of recovery ahead.

Mom slipped into a coma on Wednesday but managed to come out of it. I was so afraid she’d die while I was in the hospital and greatly relieved when my sister told me she’d come out of it. She’s lucid, but wavers in and out. A friend’s going to drive me down to see her but I won’t be able to stay ’cause I can’t do much moving about and must be careful of physical stress. My aunt and cousin have arrived–thank goodness.

So–that’s it for me now; when I’m able to focus more I’ll chat a bit. Thanks, guys; blessings to you all. d:)


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  1. Get well soon, and I hope the trip to see your mother goes well. My mother’s birthday is this coming weekend and we have a big party planned. I’ll be taking time to think of you and your mother on that day. Glad you have family there. That’s always good.

    A big hug.

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