stopping on a dime


Summer Quince, William Morris

The surgery went well. Coming out of my anaesthetic haze I saw my doctor by the bedside; he looked happy, said something to me about results in two weeks, and then there will be a second surgery. I muttered something to him and fell back into the fog.

On my way in to work this morning I discovered Junior has excellent brakes. I could see heavy traffic ahead of me, and the lane next to me was free of cars except for one. I changed lanes unfortunately during the same moment the light went yellow, and the driver in front of me, partly over the line, came to an abrupt halt.  I hit Junior’s brakes and we came to a stop a quarter inch away from that driver’s right bumper, with Junior’s rear partly impeding the lane we’d just left. No horns, no problem, everyone understood as Junior’s brakes had given all a wake-up call. My heart gradually stopped trying to kick its way from behind my ribcage. Truly I do not need anymore bad stuff coming my way. Trouble often comes in threes–I hope that was number 3.

My heartfelt thanks to you, my friends, for the well wishes and virtual hugs. Thursday is my long day when I usually work until 7 but I’m leaving at early today.

Mommie’s keeping it together until her hospital day, but she’s not been able to keep her food down my sister told me. I’m going to drive out to Moreno Valley again on Sunday. She goes in on the 28th and likely will remain in hospital until after her surgery.  An exploratory is set for that day, and surgery will follow as soon as she can be scheduled. Meanwhile we’re hoping for the best of outcomes, and I thank you for your good wishes on her behalf.


6 thoughts on “stopping on a dime

  1. I’m glad to hear your surgery went well. Thinking of you and sending up positive thoughts to the Cosmos for you and your dear Mommie.

  2. Happy to see you post, and knowing that you are well and able to drive, even having to stop on a dime, is a plus. I am thinking of your mother. It’s after one in the morning. I have been sick, from heat and stuff, and get up and down all night. Back to bed.

  3. Glad your surgery went well, and my best wishes for your mother. Maybe whoever saved you from an accident can put in an extra shift next week.

  4. My Goodness!

    I’m gone a while and look at all that has happened! It’s been about a month, my longest break since I started blogging, and I’m astounded at how much I have to catch up on!

    And on how significant some of it is!

    I’m also happy your surgery went well, and I’m wishing you and your Mom all the very best.

    My goodness, I hope the stars have much better things on the near horizon for you!

    Take care,


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