writing and the zombie run


Young Priestess, Willliam Bouguereau

13,304. That’s about all I’ve been doing–writing and the zombie run back and forth to the day job. Making progress with Trail of Shadows, about a page a day. I’ve got my monthly meeting with Janet Saturday, and then, next week, things may grind to a halt for a while. I’m having surgery next Wednesday–trying not to think about that too much.

Happy writing, d:

One thought on “writing and the zombie run

  1. Good for you. I took a break today from my daily Jenny Craig fitness walking (went for a swim yesterday too). I finished another scene of Shadow — something witchy, which I’ll post as soon as I do the editing and nips and tucks. And then I have one more chapter to finish plus the interlude part between the Parts V and VI and away we go, another giant step closer to the end. I am trying hard not to get distracted and MUST keep myself totally in Alexander’s world right now. But after my daily writing, rewards are nice. Today, however, it’s housework and preps for my workshop tonight. It’s turned a little cloudy so I don’t feel so bad about not getting outside.
    Maybe a short walk or bike ride will be in order later today.

    Happy writing and good luck on the up-and-coming operation.

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