nine times nine drops each,


Ariadne, John William Waterhouse

 10,739. I can’t believe August is here already!  This has to be the fastest summer of my life. The weeks are flying by so quickly my head is spinning. Anyway, today re-starts the writing of Trail of Shadows (formerly The Key to Chaos). The daily goal is two pages minimum. I’ll write as detailed as I please and in any direction. Last night I finished Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon. Loved it. The dragon, Temeraire, is a kick. The writing is great, and the exposition conveying the society of 18th century England, the culture of the dragon aviators, the culture of the English Navy, is expertly handled and adds depth to the  tale.  She’s created a fascinating alternate world. And I particularly liked the way she set up the emotional pay-offs, scene to scene. You care about the hero Laurence; you care about Temeraire and the other dragons and their aviators; you care about it all. I’ve got the second book, Throne of Jade, to start this weekend. I read somewhere online a while ago that Peter Jackson has already optioned the book for a movie. I’ll love to see it envisioned on the screen.

It’s 5:45 a.m. and the Muse is tapping her foot.