don’t worry, said the skeleton


The Bayswater Omnibus, George W. Joy

10,252. Summer is disappearing so fast, like vapor in the wind. Wasn’t it just January? August 1 is my official date to return to writing Trail of Shadows, and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with Aloli and Emeryk and Noraeka. I’m spending these last few days of July roughing out the story map, but I’m not a linear writer so the roughing out is occurring in fits and starts of thought. But a scene has come to me about Noraeka, completely out of whatever sequence I might have had in mind, but that doesn’t matter to me. What’s important is the scene itself and what it conveys about Noraeka–all of which contributes to the plot. I’m trying to teach myself how to plot, but it’s difficult. I don’t think of plot when I think of story. I think of characters and what they’re doing or not doing; I think of settings, and various intangible things–emotions, influences, world-building details–catalysts that work in the story, that have an effect, but what it all means won’t be clear until somewhere down the road.

So this scene with Noraeka is a good one. I can see how it fits, but not where, and I’ve no idea of the effect it’ll have on the other characters. But I like it! That is the fun of writing. If I were a linear writer, getting the story would be a lot easier for me. I envy my friend Janet who writes her stories one scene after another all the way to the end. How she gets the action to fall into line is a mystery to me.

And that reminds me. I’ll be posting an interview with her soon as I can get my questions together and actually get it done. I’ve got such a list of things to do, writing-wise–good thing I’m not a procrastinator. 😉


2 thoughts on “don’t worry, said the skeleton

  1. I love this painting. LOTS. I lifted it. LOL!
    You know, I am a plotter, but I DO REALIZE now, that for lots of people, this is not the way. I do write linear too. It’s probably the control freak in me. :grinning:–But I do love the creative part of my free exercises. Lots of surprises. Sometimes I have happy surprised in my writing now, and they are such a blessing.

    And you are right, August is just around the door, and before you know it, the stores will have Halloween thingies out! OMG!

  2. O worse! It’ll soon be Christmas, and egads, 2008! Old Man Time certainly doesn’t have arthritis! d:)

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