merilda tried on her dragon wings

Music in New York, Homage to Bach, Maxwell Armfield

10,252. Not feeling up to par this morning; it’s the vacuum cleaner’s fault. It insisted we attack the layers of cat hair on the chairs, and the bathroom sobbed it wanted to be cleaned. The bedroom grumbled too. What could I do? I complied; somewhere along the way, my back muscles got themselves into a twist. They didn’t say a thing while I was busy, but when all was done, they started complaining, and they’re still complaining this morning. A friend recommended I drink a glass of cherry juice. Something in the juice works against muscle pain. Well okay. I picked up a bottle of “Just Cherry” at Trader Joe’s and had a glass. The back muscles went from hooting hysterically to giggles. Good enough.

Spent some time during the weekend poking at Trail of Shadows, brainstorming, and got a few more workable threads. Still have 9 days to go, but tonight my time’s going to be spent with Project B.

Heard back from one of the freelance gigs, didn’t get it, but that’s okay. It’s 6:50 a.m., coffee’s ready; time to perk up the brain.


2 thoughts on “merilda tried on her dragon wings

  1. Some gentle yoga will also help. the book YOGA BLISS has worked amazingly well in my practice, and I’m finally seeing progress.

  2. Well sometimes we have to stop being creative and do these mundane little things. How boring and how much energy it takes! (I usually do the housework on Mondays unless company is coming. In which case, this week I did it earlier as I had a dinner party Sunday night.)

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