The Keys, Edmund Blair Leighton 

2:18 pm

At lunch, went hunting for new authors to read–’cause it’s Friday, not that I’m making an excuse or anything for spending my last dollar. I wandered happily between my favorite genres: fantasy, science fiction, and romance (paranormal, this time) and picked up:

Working for the Devil, Lilith Saintcrow (I need a new kick-ass heroine ’cause Anita’s been disappointing me lately.)

Smitten and Bitten, Michelle Rowen (Thought my friend gave me this book–but no and Michelle’s blog is a joy to read.)

Demon Moon, Meljean Brooks (Word up: Read!)

The Rest Falls Away, Colleen Gleason (Love the title; and a Regency Buffy–need I say more?)

Shards of Crimson, Liz Maverick, Patti O’Shea, Carolyn Jewel, and Jade Lee (From reading Carolyn’s blog, her DX sounded intriguing, and the others are new to me.)

Fool Moon, Jim Butcher (’cause he rocks, from what I hear)

These aren’t going to sit long on the TBR stack ’cause I’m about to go into a reading frenzy, starting tonight with Bitten and Smitten.

10,252. Two weeks to finish the planning of the Aloli book, and I’m so excited! ‘Cause Noraeka is coming to life! She’s going to be so much fun to write. She’s about to become significant in a big way, and what a surprise she’s going to be. My oh my!

And that reminds me–Aloli needs heavy duty work. She’s going to have to power up. La Muse is swanning about, patting herself on the back. Don’t break your arm, dearie. You’ve been on vacation for weeks now and I’ve been in the salt mines all by myself!

All sorts of story questions are starting to pop up. So many I can’t keep up. Came up with a great new scene to introduce Noraeka. It’s going to be hot–and the start of Chapter 2, which is already partly written, but this new scene is going to come first. Chapter 1 will have to be rewritten. Need to make Aloli’s scene with the magistrate superior stronger. And, wouldn’t Noraeka know about Aloli’s visit to the Judiciary? Noraeka values her reputation. She’s not going to be calm about Aloli’s actions.

Also, must sit and figure out stuff about my hero Emeryk. He’s not in bad shape now, but I need to deepen his inner conflict.

So glad the weekend’s here! Yay!


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  1. Great news on the muse work! Sounds like you’re swimming in inspiration — best place to be!

    The books sound great. DEMON MOON was just recommended by Jackie Kessler (who wrote Hell’s Bells) and someone just recommended Colleen Gleason’s book, too. Let me know what you think!

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