damn weasels


Bashi Bazouk, 1869, Jean-Leon Gerome

10,252. The doubt weasels have been out in full lately, nipping at my every creative move. So you think you’re going to finish this one, huh? Aren’t you over-reaching a tad? Why don’t you focus on one thing–see if you can make it to page 2? And whatever happened to that ambitious book–something about swans? Nasty little bastards.

Here’s what I got to say to you doubt weasels…

1. I’m a writer. (full stop) (Been one my whole life, not stopping now.)

2. There ain’t nothing wrong with my writing process. Not a thing. I’ll do whatever works.

3. I focus just fine. Thank you very much.

4. A Lamentation of Swans isn’t dead. It’s in suspended animation.

5. I’ll give up when I’m dead.

So there. As my great-aunt Ma Stell used to say…put that in your pipe…


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