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The Lady of Shalott, Emma Florence Harrison

Tonight, when I get home from the zombie trek, I’m going to work on Shadow Walk, and e-mail another freelance query. Steady as she goes…

 Wheel Idiot

Last week, on Sepulveda, this driver was in the center island–not even a turn lane. All cars were stopped at the red for left-turning cars from the cross-street. This driver–and the light was in full red, not even close to changing–this wheel idiot just casually, as if he had all the time in the world, as if the rest of us were just sitting there for the fun of it, drove into the intersection as if he were taking the car for a stroll, catty-corner(!), right through the red, right before our very eyes, and picked up the traffic lane that the rest of us were waiting to enter! I’ve seen some dumbass moves–when the driver simply isn’t paying attention. But this! What was he thinking–hmmm, the light’s red, they’re all stopped, no cars coming through–what am I waiting for? Had to be the moving violation of the century.