let’s not forget the important stuff


Dance of the Five Senses, Walter Crane

10,141 words as of July 1 on the romantic fantasy. I forgot I wrote 10 pages a week ago. I spend so much time mentally flagellating myself for not being more productive. Got the donut, but only see the hole. This morning, using Inspiration, I worked out more of the story. Last night in my journal the paramount question was “What am I doing wrong?” And the answer? Nothing. When I’ve got something to say, I write. When things take a dip into the void and no words come…it only means the story needs more time to vegetate before sprouting and flowering. Inspiration on the left, persistence on the right, and discipline leading the way. Nothing wrong with that. As Jane Yolen comments in her blog, Telling The True, …anything that feels like a milestone along the way is helpful…”.


3 thoughts on “let’s not forget the important stuff

  1. You are making progress. As long as you keep at it, you will continue making progress. Beyond that, we do need time to let ideas germinate. Keep up the good work!

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