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Carnival of Harlequin, Joan Miro

Weather–hot, hot, hot, and hot. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Thank you all for the happy wishes. The 91 was wide open and the drive out to Moreno Valley smooth and trouble-free. But only Mom was at the house when I got there. My sisters had taken the girls to the 4th of July parade and then to their aunt’s house to swim; they’d expected me earlier than noon ’cause of a bit of miscommunication from Mom. S’alright. It was nice to enjoy Mom’s company without the usual crazy-making chaos in that house when the little dust devils are home. Mom and I had a great visit, then I headed for home so I’d be there in time for fireworks off the Queen Mary. And it was a spectacular show.

Levi ate the newest leaves off my poor strawberry plant. I’d had to move it temporarily to the dining room table and forgot to put it out of reach when I went up to the beach to watch the show. Came home and the new growth had been chomped off. No wonder he was being all quiet and innocent for most of the evening.

Next time I’m at the farmer’s market, I’m going to get a tray of catnip or some of that special grass for cats. All my plants are up high so Levi and Taffy can’t get to them.

Not much on the writing front except for lots of thinking and story notes. All sorts of thoughts are stomping through my head for all sorts of fiction. It’s crowded in there. And that reminds me–I’ve got 3 chapters of Janet’s manuscript left to read.