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Crown Anemone, Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

8,003. Good work this morning on the recently untitled romantic fantasy aka Aloli/Emeryk, for the main characters, until I come up with a new title. Writing day with Michelle tomorrow, and I hope to write more of the great scene between Aloli and Noraeka Geddes. The story’s heating up a bit, and I’m getting butterflies. There’s so much to write, so much to get down on paper, and see how it is. I’m trying not to rush it ’cause that won’t do me or the story any good. This morning’s scene is still going on in my head so I’m going to have to pause a moment in the day work and scribble it out for later.

Weatherwise, this has been a week of sun bunny days. Texas seems to be getting our share of rain, which should have come between January and April, but saved itself for the southwest and skipped California completely. I’m not complaining, of course; the long cold winter season leaves me hungry for the sun, but no rain in the mid-state farm valleys means expensive produce, and for the forested regions and hills a brisk fire season–already begun at beautiful Lake Tahoe, unfortunately.

This week’s dvd viewing was more of the late ’60s golden oldie, Mission: Impossible: Season 2, start of the Jim Phelps (played with suitable gravitas by Peter Graves) era. I remember when after the show had won my undying attention during Season 1, and then Season 2 came along and there was this silver-haired, blue-eyed stranger in the place of dark and very serious mission leader Dan, I grumped and frowned at the screen and muttered stuff, but Mr. Phelps grew on me, and I fell in love with the show all over again. Viewing it now, these many years later, it has held up well. It didn’t depend on gadgetry–although Greg Morris’s Barney was a genius with electronic magick (and I spell it in the old way with a “k” because that is how it worked in the plots). The show’s appeal for me was its well-done suspense, and how the team used deception as its principal tool to get the bad guys (Cold War villians, Nazis, the Mafia, counterfeiters, and bio-terrorists, in the early seasons). They were expert at altering the bad guy(s)’ reality and it was a pleasure to watch how they did it. I’m enjoying it all over again.

One particular oddity ‘though–in the first season, Cinnamon’s (played by Barbara Bain) clothes always seemed to match the room she was in–not in every scene, but almost. I guess that was noticed at some point and during the second season she stopped appearing to be a mannequin in a set piece. A fashion model in her non-spy life, Bain’s character  was always dressed to the nines in wonderful late 1960’s fashions. Part of my fun in watching now is seeing what she’s wears in each show.

Another fun trivia bit–in Season 1 and for a few of Season 2’s shows, the mission tape did not self-destruct. Dan (and for a while Jim) had to dispose of it. Then, at some point in Season 2, the tape would “self-distruct in five seconds.”  And another fun thing, watching the team leader find the tape. I think the writers were having fun hiding that tape in all sorts of odd places. There’s one show where Phelps, having come to the roof of a building, seemed a bit unsure where it might be. He found it quickly enough but I was amused since he had to pause and consider where the hell did they put it this time?

I hated the first MISSION IMPOSSIBLE  movie. Peter Graves had been offered the part but refused it–and with good reason! The movie ruined the Jim Phelps character. Mr. Phelps would never have betrayed and murdered his team. Never. In Peter Graves’s purported words, the script did indeed “rape the character.” I missed him, but he was so right. Very nice to watch him in action again. Can you tell I love this show?

Those crown anemones are so beautiful, they get an encore. Happy Friday! d:))


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