practicing to deceive


A Peal of Bells, Emma Florence Harrison

Worked on The Key to Chaos this morning. That title no longer fits so I’m going to stop using it and call the book “Aloli/Emeryk” until a new title comes to me. Read the cards, using the Gilded Tarot deck (wanted to use my Vampire Tarot, but couldn’t find it), for Noraeka Geddes, and like what I got. I know her better now. She’s going to have to make a difficult decision, and the consequences will be terrible for her. One of her prior decisions already has had a tragic, unintended consequence.

Dropped off my vote in the 37th U.S. Congressional District Special Primary Election before hitting the freeway, and crept along for two hours, of which the last 30 minutes was spent trying to reach the Howard Hughes Parkway exit 1 and 1/4 miles from where I sat on the 405, approaching it through the constipated traffic that occurs at La Tijera. Thirty minutes to go 1 and 1/4 miles!

Ah well…it’s a beautifully sunny day in Southern California.


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