Woman Holding Balance, Johannes Vermeer

Yesterday’s plan was:
1. Lunch meeting with Janet
2. Work on “Shadow Walk”
3. Storyboard more of “The Key to Chaos”

What I did:

Met with Janet and had our usual fun lunch discussing our writing and chatting about stuff. Yesterday was lovely–all sunshine.

After lunch we visited the Office Depot and I bought a floppy disk drive so I could access my diskettes with the Mac and rediscovered “Runaway Heart”, a romance novel I started several years ago. Spent the afternoon reading through the 101 pages and found it to be in pretty good shape. Think I’ll add it to the list and see if I can finish it. Also think it works better as a novella.

I’m enjoying the long days, the lingering light, and summer has only just arrived. Wednesday evening, at 8:25 pm, light hung in the sky like mist among the clouds and the vast hollows of heaven. Friday evening the sky was opaline. There hung a cloud, nearly vertical, the only cloud in the western sky, like a long wool scarf, twisted, ravel-edged. I wished I had a camera that could have captured that wonderful cloud.

Met a friend this afternoon and went to see the movie WAITRESS. Good movie. Afterward we stopped at the Macaroni Grill in Seal Beach for a late lunch. I had this delicious drink called Venetian Lemonade, served in a tall V-shaped glass–rum, mint, limoncella, sliced lemon–yum.

There remains light in the sky. Still time to work on “Shadow Walk.”