treachery and poison rain


Crown Anemone, Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

I’ve become obsessed with the death of Silk River, can’t stop thinking about it. It was so sudden. In April everything was great, going so well I set a word goal for May and brought the story to over 56K. In the flow of the daily mundanities, I continued working with the manuscript, seeking dramatic opportunities. Then, in the midst of it all,  the story fell to the floor of my brain, gasping for air. Wtf?

It stopped breathing. La Muse floated over it dropping itty bitty white lilies. I thought she liked the story! Hell it was her idea! The treacherous b–okay, won’t go there. She might cry poisonous rain on my seedlings.

Fine, fine…but the next time…


3 thoughts on “treachery and poison rain

  1. A lot’s been going on whilst I was occupied with other things this past week! Sorry to hear your story came crashing down. That’s happened to me before, for sure. Sometimes it just takes a little time. You may have gotten some new ideas and aren’t sure how to incorporate them fully, and your mind is just taking a little break to figure it all out. See if you can bring the confusion down to concrete questions or issues, things you’re not sure of, wonder about, plot questions that haven’t been answered yet, etc. If you can reduce the confusion to concrete terms, a series of questions that you can write down, then things might suddenly come into focus for you, and you might see your way back through the haze. Or, just take a break and get back to it later!

    Congratulations to your niece, and you must be a proud Aunt!

    Your traffic musings were amusing. Yes, such is our world….

  2. Thanks much, Adrian, for the good advice. Your suggestions echo my thoughts, and I guess I’ll just have to wait until my brain stops hyperventilating about the plot and settles down to calm consideration in the way you suggest. I’ve had my wrestling bouts with other novels, but this is the first time one crashed like that. d:)

  3. Hello D. Sorry you’re story went plop! But perhaps it will revive itself in time. This happens to all of us, so not to despair!

    I just got home. My brain is mushy with jet-lag and I’m suffering the usual culture shock. But once I get over it I am anxious to resume work on my novel. And I have other stuff to write as well, and the whole summer to do it.

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