june’s in bloom


The Door of Dreams, Georges De Feure

Made a great leap forward in the plot of The Key to Chaos. Now have the antagonist and her motivation. Need a new title.

Preparing a step outline of secret project B. Have Act I nearly roughed out.

Have not thought about the two short stories I want to do. No time. And Saturday I’m meeting with Janet, so another weekend’ll slip by and I won’t even have a chance to think about them.

Letting Silk River lie. Strange how that story literally blinked out. Laid down and died. Have not thought about it at all.

It’s a beautiful June day! Sunny! Warm! Lazy air! And I’m stuck in here, the office cave, with the fluorescent lighting, the air conditioning, and tedious leases.

Commutations Wheel Idiots

Drivers who straddle lanes. Idiots! (Not the slow lane changer, but those idiots who change lanes and sit there–half in one, half in the other until they get a clue– s-l-o-w-l-y.) Them and the blinking idiots–people who never turn off their blinkers, no matter which move they’re about to make. Makes me wish Red had a mini version of the Enterprise’s photon laser.

On Sepulveda, passed this old classic car, nicely maintained exterior, can’t remember the make/model, but it sounded like it had two “DD” batteries and a fan under the hood keeping it going.