well now…


In the Peristyle, John William Waterhouse

 Ever find yourself with so much to say, you can’t say anything at all? Not that I’m a daily fountain of words. Sometimes the brain is bone-dry, caught in a word drought, and other times the brain contracts severe hypergraphia and keeps me awake at night. Lots of blog stuff has flowed through the gray wrinkles lately, and none of it has made it to here. Every time I turn on the light of composition, thoughts and words scatter like the bothersome bugs they are. The brain becomes an empty room with nothing but white light at the windows.

So, must sneak up on it…

Sunday my lovely and intelligent niece Whitney graduated from UC, Irvine (BA, Literary Journalism) with honors. Need I say I am a proud aunty? After the happy ceremony, and lots of photographs, and congratulatory hugs and kisses, we had a celebratory meal at Whitney’s favorite place, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. The School of Humanities graduation ceremony was at 9 a.m. Sunday morning, and it was Father’s Day. Roscoe’s was packed out with families. After what I think was an hour’s wait, our party of eight was seated, faint with hunger and too grateful to complain. In a short time we were happily stuffing our faces with fried chicken, fluffy biscuits, buttered grits,  smothered potatoes, and waffles! We howled when informed they were out of sweet potato pie.

My three-year old niece, Naliyah, was her wonderful self. Spotting a lady walking her dog, she exclaimed with uncontained delight, “Ohhh,  a doggie and him Mom!” These are the moments!

Sunday afternoon I worked on secret project B–it’s starting to gobble up time from the other writing. ‘Fraid I’ll have to ride the horse while its running. Silk River is down for the count, for now; The Key to Chaos is sprouting wings–and I discovered that title absolutely won’t do anymore; and there’s a couple short story seedlings trying to take root.

One more thing that’ s been on my mind…I think I’ll write about the commute. I see much that amuses me during the daily zombie run. Just a paragraph, I think, about whatever catches my eye, like a great bumper sticker I saw last week and I wish I could remember it now, but I couldn’t take my hands off the wheel of course to hunt for a pen and paper, and memory’s ever-shifting these days. Commutations, I think I’ll call the entries.

So much for that…there’s more bubbling and bobbing in the gray wrinkles, but I really must get to the work on my desk. Happy writing, d:)


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  1. It’s a joy ride! d:) And best of fortune in your house hunt. I sympathize with how tired you must be of the apartment soap opera; I felt the same way when I decided to find a place to buy. Eight years later and I smile every time I walk into my condo. It was the best decision! But I’m afraid if I want a house I’ll have to leave California or make the bestseller list. :))

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