only cloud in the sky raining on me


OmniaVanitas, Willliam Dyce

More than my usual share of gremlins descended recently–the small irritations and annoyances of daily life that make me wonder why the only cloud in the sky is raining on me. First there was the pain in the ass problem with Western Union, too dreary for me to go into the details, suffice to say it was a case of the innocent having to pay for the guilty–the liars and cheats among us who think theft and deception are better than honesty. Such people are immune from the pestilence they foist upon the rest of us.

Red decided to spring a leak–costing me most of a writing Saturday and puncturing a new hole in my budget; Levi decorated the rug in several places with the contents of his all too sensitive stomach–apparently vomiting only in one place is a bit of a bore; at a special event, my name wasn’t on the guest list when it was supposed to be; at the grocery store, the machine denied my brand new Club card, a replacement for the old card (sigh); none of these things are tragedies–just the Chinese water torture of everyday life. (At least I didn’t infect anybody with a deadly, antibiotic-resistant strain of TB (and I hope That Guy didn’t either.)

Was thinking that this blog is boring, and I ought to make it interesting somehow. Then Adrian reminded me there is interest even in the mundane when it’s somebody else’s mundane, and blogging fosters a sense of connection and community–which, as he pointed out and I agree–is lacking in our society these days. The idiocies we are forced to witness through the media alone show that far too many people have no regard for others. As Adrian said, “…they have little sense that other people matter, that their actions have consequences or impact others’ lives.” It is all too bad.

However, my reason for blogging is personal; pendrifter is my writer’s journal, and well…it’s interesting to me, and I enjoy reading the bits and pieces of other bloggers’ lives too.

Got an inkling of an idea for Bone, Stone and Blood; something to go along with the ominous title. So…on to May’s accomplishments:

1. Made 3000-word goal for the Silk River rewrite

2. Finished Chapter One of The Key to Chaos; work’s going nicely

3. Finished reading The Prestige (Wonderful! (And quite different from the movie.)

And now…June’s objectives:

1. 3000 words on the rewrite of Silk River

2. Finish Chapter Two of The Key to Chaos

3. Do next part of Project C.

4. Brainstorm Bone, Stone, and Blood

5. Read Rats and Gargoyles by Mary Gentle

The Napoleon bio and the Georgian research are temporarily on the backburner.


4 thoughts on “only cloud in the sky raining on me

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goals!

    I think you made a good choice in seeing your blog as a personal journal about your writing experience. As such, it will benefit you directly each and every time you write for it. I love the images you share, and am always very impressed by your prose!

    From your posting:

    “…a case of the innocent having to pay for the guilty–the liars and cheats among us who think theft and deception is better than honesty. Such people are immune from the pestilence they foist upon the rest of us.”

    Aha! This stuff would be great in a novel! Another reason looking at our lives is helpful to us. It can be the stuff our fiction is made of. Except different.


    PS — I put that new content online at the PWP site.

  2. You’re doing really well. Yes, it’s rough going right now, isn’t it? Pluto and Jupiter are both retrograde, and Mercury’s going to go on the 15th. Dig in!

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