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Lightning and Light, Albert Moore

56,580. May’s writing goal was 3000 more words; I made it! (Starting count May 1: 53,371). Yay me! This weekend I’ll take a look at things and set June’s objectives. Can someone tell me how to set a Zokutou word count thingy with WordPress? Much appreciate it.

In her post, Bossy Characters or Chained to Plot, Lisa, at discusses that old writing kerfuffle, character versus plot, and asks, “Writers, what’s your preference? How do you write?” This set me to thinking…yep, the pitfall looms.

I love a good well-plotted story, but I love even more fiction where the characters give birth to a rousing plot, where the plot blooms, generates, proliferates from out of the character(s). Characters–they got the best plots in ’em!

I’m all for bossy characters. I have much wrestling, much go-rounding, with the plotting monster and I always lose until the moment I get a peg on the character and what that character is doing, is gonna do, wants to do. Once my character gets going, then the plot acorn sprouts a sprig or two.

I had something else I wanted to write about here today, but it’s slipped my mind. CRS–again!


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