don’t drop me on the rocks

Pomegranates, Albert Moore

Saw PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:AT WORLD’S END. Enjoyed it, but, imo, there was too much Captain Jack. I love Johnny Depp, but the movie could have done with a bit less Captain Jack. The hallucination scene works fine the first time, but when it’s repeated later, the fragile tissue of the suspension of disbelief tore a little for me. Still it’s rousing good fun and I’m adding it to my movie collection. I like it better than the second one.

THE MERRY WIDOW was a delight, although it was performed in English, I still could not make out what they were singing, but there were speaking parts. The title role was sung by mezzo-soprano Susan Graham, however, my favorite voice of the evening was the crystalline soprano of Elizabeth Norbert-Schulz as Valencienne. The costumes were dazzling, the sets clever and beautiful. I didn’t know where to look first. The opening scene–ladies in black and white gowns from the Edwardian period, each gown distinctively designed (This version of the operetta is set at a later time period than the original.) whirled about the ballroom floor by elegant gentlemen. Thanks to my terrific seat, Orchestra, third row, eleventh chair, I nearly went cross-eyed trying to make sure I saw each and every beautiful gown, especially during the scene at Maxim’s–each dress was a different shade of red, from claret to ruby to burgundy and tones in between. All those arias and colors–felt like I’d fallen through my own private rabbit hole. It was a wonderful evening.

Presently I’m feeling a bit like Captain Jack in Davy Jones’s locker–one of me is working on the secret project; one of me is rewriting Silk River; one of me is writing The Key to Chaos; and a petite me is working on ideas for Bone, Stone, and Blood. Oh yeah, another one of me–the tall skinny one with the beady eyes–is working on the freelance writing objective. Somewhere in the crowd another me is crawling on hands and knees holding the dayjob paycheck in her mouth. There’s a run in her pantyhose.


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  1. I just saw PotC3 and I did not feel there was too much Captain Jack! I mean, yes, there were a few scenes where there was a lot of Captain Jack, in a sense, but no, I don’t feel he had too much screen time. I was surprised that it was such an ensemble performance throughout, in my opinion. A lot of time with a lot of characters. I actually found it a bit confusing and there was way too much exposition throughout, but otherwise the basic story made sense and the look of it was out of this world. Hey, I guess that’s because it’s a full-fledged fantasy! Nice to see fantasy stories becoming popular these days, since that’s what I write.

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