persian carpet


Flora and the Zephyrs, John William Waterhouse

55,708. 310 words this morning, back to Silk River after a week of distractions–productive distractions, however.  The Key to Chaos got a week of my time and the scene between Aloli and Lazaretia is in good shape, not quite finished but close. I started a secret project that will require a  significant slice of the time pie, and a title popped up for an unwritten and undetermined horror story–Bone, Stone, and Blood. The plot spider has bitten me again.

Three free days! Oh calloo-callay! Saturday I’ll be reading at writer’s group–from The Key to Chaos and Saturday night I’m going to the opera, for the  first time in my life. The Merry Widow, an operetta actually, is at the Los Angeles Music Center,  at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. I hear it’s a delight and I sure hope so. Sunday I’m meeting with Janet, and, darn it, I’m still not done with my read-through of her witch novel. Friday night I plan to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End…so I don’t think I’m going to get any reading done.

Weatherwise, it’s been weeks of overcast, but today the frowning sky lifted, the sun is smiling, and I hope by Saturday, he’s rotflao!


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