lies that tell the truth

Bacchante, Lord Frederick Leighton

54,010. And holding. Just didn’t get to SILK RIVER yesterday. Yesterday was writing day with Michelle, and after stuffing ourselves with sushi at Todai, we settled at It’s A Grind and I spent all my time on the romantic fantasy, which I’ve tentatively titled THE KEY TO CHAOS. Not a favorite, but it’ll do for a working title. I’ve got 24 pages so far, 6,405 words, and I like the story very much. I only wrote 2-1/2 pages yesterday, but they’re good pages and got me to an important scene. I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but I’m in the middle of it.

Work on SILK RIVER is daily, but THE KEY TO CHAOS is whenever–whenever I get a scene, whenever I hear one character say something to another, whenever something about the story occurs to me. Still I plan to finish both books this year.

It’s sunny today and I’ve got my herb garden in the window drinking in the shine. The thyme and parsley are lovely. The parsley is starting to trefoil–nope, not a verb, but it works. The mint is s-l-o-o-w, but a few sprigs have come up–like four. Don’t know why it’s not keeping up with the thyme and parsley. The alpine strawberry is still fruiting, but a number of its vines died over the past week. Don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s still putting out new foliage and berries.

Today I may work on THE KEY TO CHAOS and let the word bank take care of the 100 words for SILK RIVER. I’m ahead with it so I can devote another day to the romantic fantasy if I want.

Michelle is writing a marvelous story titled THE ORACLE COMES TO JUBILEE, Greek mythology, steampunk, and the Old West. She’s great at combining disparate ideas. I’m expecting this one to find a home as soon as it wings out the door.

Meanwhile I’m still mulling over my short fiction aspirations, but nothing’s happening with JEALOUS WINE or A GEOMETRY OF VAPOR, and no new ideas have bubbled up from the swamp. (sigh)

We went to see SPIDERMAN 3 last night. Enjoyed it. I’m down to the last episode of Season One of the old television series MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve been skipping around on the dvd’s, and taking my time with the viewing. Don’t know when Season Two will be available and I’m going to be an unhappy camper when I view the last show–so I’m saving it. Also finished the anime WOLF’S RAIN. Loved it–although the ending is a downer. Still, going to add it to my collection, and I’ve got TRINITY BLOOD next on the list to watch.


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