between sunset and sunrise

The Little Foot Page, Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

53,235. It’s a pleasure to sit and work with the words of Silk River. When a sentence written the day before revises itself between sunset and sunrise, gaining the clarity and rhythm missing from it at first writing, it’s a nice surprise. I know I’ll revise Silk River at least two more times. Not all the notes are sounding clearly within the fog.

Today I’m going to visit a friend in Los Angeles. Have not seen her in a while so we’ll have a fine chin-wag. Not sure if I’ll get any work done before it’s time to leave. I’ve not paid attention to the romantic fantasy at all this week, but I’ve been thinking about it. Still stuck on Emeryk’s visit to the magia Jeru.

Summery weather is promised, but a pale sky looms this morning, not a sun ray in sight.


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  1. You’re amazing. I haven’t had much time for writing this week between teaching and appts. But I sent out a number of queries re my travel articles and made a few more notes for the next chapter of Shadow. Spent all day today at the travel writer’s gala so now I’m exhausted!

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