spend the coin of kindness

Black Isles, Maxfield Parrish

53,108. Left that strange country of sleep and weird dreams this morning with thoughts of the tragedy of human experience, that we practice cruelty among ourselves and do not take to heart the practice of kindness, compassion, and consideration.

We admire the warmth of the human heart when we encounter it away from home, like tourists lauding the beauties of a foreign culture. We return from our journey and talk about how friendly and courteous the culture, how open-hearted the people, but we neglect to live the lesson of kindness in our daily lives as we travel through, encountering each other day after day. We complain about the darknesses in the world without recognizing we all contribute to it. As has been said time and time again by wiser thinkers than me, if we wish the world to be a wonderful place to live, then we must practice kindness among ourselves–family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, and the world at large. This is not to say bad things won’t happen; life is over-ripe with nasty surprises; only there may be less of them among ourselves. Much less.

Despite my strange dreams and moody thoughts, had a bonus session this morning. 637 words! The word bank (for those days when nothing comes) is now at 686, just shy of a full seven days’ worth.


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