the truth of the imagination


A Tale from the Decameron, John William Waterhouse

51,852. Like Hemingway, I left myself with a good start to this morning’s work. Was thinking about my word count, how much I manage each morning. About 100 words a session, sometimes less, but I’ve decided to let that be the goal–100 words a day. That’s 3000 a month and it means, if I attain the daily target, I’ll have the second draft completed by October 31st. So that’s the 2nd draft deadline. Gives me something to aim for, and a better sense of my progress. Just ordered Peter Selgin’s By Cunning & Craft, his book on writing. I’m a writing book addict and can’t resist what appears to be a good one. I read the excerpt online, nodding my head in recognition, and the book is coming my way.

I wasn’t sure yesterday morning what I’d write, but I managed a conversation between Rochelle and Jewel that took an unexpected turn and opened up the path a little more. If I’d not written, I would not have those good words. I’d not have the truth of the imagination on those pages. Time to plumb the imagination some more.


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  1. Well, Gabriele, don’t worry. You’ve got some wonderful books in the works and the words are never far away. They’ll be back! d:)

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