welsh rats

The Shrine, John William Waterhouse

51,762. Trying to find my way back into the story, although I’m not sure where to go. Can’t find my copy of Ayn Rand’s “The Art of Fiction,” which I was reading a while ago. Discovered I also have her book, “The Art of Non-Fiction,” which I’ve not read yet. Anyway, I’m wasting time this morning. I’m apprehensive about the story, yet I know I can write it. Just have to think it through. It won’t even take 50,000 more words. I’ve got a case of Steinbeck’s Welsh rats. So, “Silk River,” where was I?


One thought on “welsh rats

  1. What are “Welsh rats”?
    I am in a transition part — ready to start a new chapter part of which I have prewritten a long time ago, although looking over it now I will likely junk most of it. Just deciding which is the best voice to begin in (my novel is multiple p.o.v. that can be complicating.)

    I usually have to spend a few days thinking it over, making notes and then it will come togethers. But tomorrow (Sat.) I’ll be in school all day long for my photography class.
    So…hopefully we’ll get a fresh start next week.

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