dumped by the machine


 Sweet Solitude, Edmund Blair Leighton

Two work mornings lost this week dealing with a blown Internet connection–webpages were not loading. After three phone calls to Apple and one to Earthlink, and jumping through various tech hoops, I finally got back online. Disconnection is so distressing. But all has been resolved, except I lost every last one of my bookmarks, and I had them all categorized in folders–about 25 folders I think. My whole blog list of links, my research sites, my writing sites, art sites, history sites, science fiction and fantasy sites, cooking sites, a host of miscellaneous information links, copywriting sites, book sites, publisher sites–good grief. I’ve got to search them out and rebuild my “library” again and some of them I’ll have to luck upon again. Oh well…


One thought on “dumped by the machine

  1. Oh those computer problems. Mine are minor at the moment but annoying. And for sure I have to upgrade. Can’t use the new flat-scene monitor or digital camera with this old program of mine.

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