there’s always more where that one came from

A Love Story, Louis Wain

51,685. Reading about foreshadowing in one of my favorite writing books, The Art and Craft of Novel Writing by Oakley Hall. I’ll have to finish the second draft of Silk River before I can do that, although at this point I do know one particular thing that needs foreshadowing. I’m also beginning to see how to develop the story, that is conflict and complication, without giving too much away.

Much of what I wrote in November is backstory. Placing Rochelle in Silk River from the get-go saves me from all that “moving furniture” writing, and I can get on with the story. Rochelle has moved from Los Angeles and Silk River is new to her. Seeing the town and its surroundings through her eyes provides me with a great way to thread in setting as well as her backstory. “Always write as if the action of your novel were taking place before your eyes on a brightly lit stage.” says John Braine, quoting Ford Madox Ford, in his book, Writing A Novel, another favorite.

To answer your question, Wynn, I’m working on two novels and one short story right now. That would be Silk River, the untitled romantic fantasy, and any one of my short stories that calls my name. This weekend it’ll be A Geometry of Vapor, but Jealous Wine is sitting in the wings. I’ve never had a problem switching focus from one story to the next. It’s just the way my mind works. Insights and revelations for my many fictions occur to me frequently, and when that happens, I pull that story from the file and add the new. It may not go much beyond that at the time. Things come to me in dribbles and drabs, and I’ve learned to go with it. It does leave me with a plethora of unfinished fiction, but I’ve made my peace with that too. If a story is taking too long to grow into itself, if I’m spending too much time wrestling with it, I store it away ’cause there’s always more where that one came from, and eventually I’ll find another piece of the path into that particular story.

Meeting with Michelle today; we’re going to get some writing work done and then visit the Constable exhibit at the Huntington again. I thought I had a free weekend this week, but I’d forgot about going to see the exhibit, and a friend from my former job called and wants to get together Sunday, so that’s my weekend. Last night I stayed up late moving the office from the bedroom to the dining area. It looks great. I’ll post a photo soon as I get around to downloading from the camera.

The writing is going great with Silk River, although I’m only managing a few hundred words, if that, each morning. This week I didn’t get to write on the romantic fantasy, but I’ve got stuff(!) and can hardly wait until I get sit down to it again. I need a title!


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  1. Writing my own reality–a good way to put it. Thanks, Devon. d:)

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