hanging out the shingle

Goblin Market, Arthur Rackham

51,328. Yesterday’s gift from the Muse was wonderful. I’m feeling freer with the writing since I’ve dropped A Lamentation of Swans. The Muse is no longer sitting hunched on my head with a stony look on her face. She’s floating free, has changed her gown from the ragged sack to violet silk, and she’s smiling.

What happened was the writing itself gifted me with the resolution to a sequence of scenes that I thought were going to give me trouble, and the path into this particular part of the story smoothed. I’m not skipping along, but no brambles are tripping me either.

I’m glad the weekend is almost here. I’ll be working on A Geometry of Vapor tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “hanging out the shingle

  1. How many stories are you working on at once?
    If more than one, I find that incredible, amazing actually. I have enough trouble focusing on one. Of course I can shift and write travel stories, but that’s a totally different genre and I don’t have to worry about voice and stuff like that.

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