holding on to the finial

Hero holding the beacon for Leander, Evelyn De Morgan

51,176. Devon, thanks for that hearty “Yay!” I’m happy about having made up my mind at last, but soooo nervous.

And as for your questions,Lisa, it’s okay, otherwise I’d walk around talking to myself. But I am anxious. I’ve been doing the mortgage waltz for 8 years and have 7 more to go, and I’m determined to keep my roof over my head. Years ago I lived in my car. That won’t be happening again. I’m not exactly crossing the bridge yet, but I’ve got the finial in a death grip.

As far as first steps, I’ve moved the dining table and chairs into the spacious living room, and the dining room is going to be my new office. This weekend (Omg, I don’t have some place to be for the first time in several weekends!) I plan to move my office from my bedroom to the dining room. And I’ve linked to freelance writing sites and will be job hunting among them for that first, very first, prospect that I can go after. And I’ve no idea what that might be, but there’s got to be something out there that’s got my name on it.

I finished the chapter on rates (Chapter 9) in The Well-Fed Writer, so I’ve got that to think about, and of course there’s establishing my system to make it all less nerve-wracking. As you say, Lisa, I’m at that delicious and terrifying place. And I’m not alone.

Writing went well yesterday morning. I worked on both Silk River and the untitled romantic fantasy. I finished Chapter 1 of the rewrite of Silk River, although I lost a few words, and have 2,277 words on the romantic fantasy. Yay me!


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