get off the stepping stones and cross the bridge

The Dryad, Evelyn De Morgan

51,188. Writing Silk River in present tense appealed to me at first. I like the idea of the novel unfolding “in the moment”, but I noticed some things bothered me, distracted me from the story moment, and gave me untimely pauses, breaking the flow of my thoughts. Things like setting details and interior thought. I like the present tense voice and I’ve learned from reading other novels written that way that the technique treats the accretion of detail a bit differently than when in third person. It is as flexible a voice as third person, however, and I think I’d like to give it another try eventually, but not with the current novel.

Speaking of Silk River, I finished Jewel’s scene and started Rochelle’s sequence. Still in Chapter One; thought I’d make it into two chapters, but it’s not working out that way, and that’s okay with me.

Nothing new on the romantic fantasy, but that’s ’cause I’ve been spending the evenings reading Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed Writer. I’ve decided to make the move into freelance commercial writing. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I so want to make my living by my pen, but I’ve been too afraid. I realize, though, that if I want to really have the writing life I desire, I’m going to have to stop working for someone else and put more of my time and energy into working for myself. All the jobs I’ve had have been stepping stones toward supporting the writing; it’s time to get off the stepping stones and cross the bridge.


2 thoughts on “get off the stepping stones and cross the bridge

  1. Yay ditto. So how do you manifest? Make this transition concrete?
    It sounds like you just “said so”–that you declared a transition, and you’re crossing the bridge. So what needs to happen next so that we hear you say, “I crossed the bridge?”

    Occupational hazard, this asking questions. It’s just that you’re in that delicious and terrifying place, and it makes me think of the steps in the hero’s journey. I’ve got a link to a hero’s journey redux of sorts in my favorite posts and articles section if ya wanna take a look at where you are from that vantage.

    Love that you’re sharing your process.


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