anything with words i can do

Luna, Evelyn De Morgan

51,065. Today was particularly busy. First I had writer’s group and read from the new romantic fantasy novel–8 pages so far, and it was well received. Don’t have a title for it yet. And Silk River is coming along, heading into Chapter 2. As Devon recommends, I’m trusting my gut regarding the voice and it’s working.

Had a thought about working on Jealous Wine, but it’ll have to wait until next week ’cause tomorrow is Easter and I’ve got baskets of goodies to deliver to my nieces, Mom and sisters, in Moreno Valley, and my brother and his family–if they show up at my sister’s.

A few weeks ago, Mom sent me this delightful singing bunny rabbit (for Easter). He’s white and fluffy, with a happy grin and long ears lined with rose-pink velvet, dressed in a baby blue bunny suit with a yellow collar and pink pom-pom buttons and wearing bunny slippers. Squeeze his paw and he sings: When I’m happy, I get wiggly and my foot taps up and down, when I’m happy I giggle “giggle” and I never ever frown. I’m your friendly Easter bunny; I’ll sing to you each day with a basket full of candy and a lot of things to say. When I’m happy I get wiggly, and my foot taps up and down. I’m so happy I can giggle “giggle” ’cause I’m coming to your town!

His ears wiggle, his body jiggles, and his left foot taps up and down. Can’t tell you the grin I get every time I squeeze his paw. I love my Mom.


6 thoughts on “anything with words i can do

  1. Take care it doesn’t mutate into a plotbunny and gives you another novel. You seem to have as many projects as I, and that’s a lot to juggle. 🙂

  2. Hey Gabriele! Well singing bunny does have a suspicious maniacal grin. And a few weeks ago I packed up and archived all of my “outstanding” fiction, including A LAMENTATION OF SWANS so I could breathe freely. Now I’m at work on the rewrite of my November novel SILK RIVER and the romantic fantasy, and some short fiction, and that’s all for now. d:)

  3. Cute bunny!
    I’m amazed at how many stories you have going at one time. Aside from taking occasional breaks to write travel articles, I can’t stretch my mind from one fiction to another. You are so flexible!

  4. Hi, Wynn…sometimes I drive myself crazy, but I can’t help it. I’m just gonna have to live with it! d:)

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