among the daisies

The Lady Clare (study), John William Waterhouse

Thank you to all who commented on my last post. A Lamentation of Swans is gone, for now, but definitely not forgotten. Letting it rest for a while will do me a world of good.

Almost done with the Silk River review. The manuscript is 244 pages long, and needs lots of work. I’m glad the weekend is just about here. This’ll be the first free Saturday I’ve had all month. Next Saturday a friend is visiting, and then April will be here! Last night I read three more chapters of the Napoleon bio. I have not had the time to make progress with this book. Perhaps my objective of reading one non-fiction book a quarter is a tad ambitious. I’m enjoying the bio, and there’s a fine picture of a twenty-seven year-old Napoleon, lean features, shadowed eyes, stern mouth. He’s made brigadier general, and is in love with the beautiful Desiree Clary, his sister-in-law. He’s not yet met Josephine Beauharnais. That’s next, in Chapter 12.


3 thoughts on “among the daisies

  1. And then he grew into that fattish little guy who ran roughshot all over Europe.

    Can you guess I’m not a fan of Boney, lol?

    Good luck with Silk River. Once I’ve figured out what to do with the stones in the end, I’ll file that one and go back to my Romans. But the open end kept nagging at me.

  2. I think I’ve done all the marketing and sending out travel for now. Looking forward to returning to Alexander’s world. That’s first on the agenda for the rest of this weekend and hopefully all next week. I’m on my Spring break from classes so I’ve got lots of time. The travel marketing was exhausting — like a full-time day job (and very little rewards.) But it had to be done.

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