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A Young Girl with Flamingoes, John Reinhard Weguelin

This morning I made it to page 133 of my reading-review of SILK RIVER. The rough draft is 228 pages. And this morning I worked on CLOAK OF SHAR, revised the end of the battle scene. While going through my folders yesterday I came across the story, read some of it, and liked it very much. It reads well, moves right along, has a battle scene I love, and I’d like to know what else happens. Only way to find out is to continue writing it. Think I was writing this as a novella. 4469 words so far.


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  1. aack! I’m still stuck with the darn travel writing stuff. It is overtaking my life! (and for what? mainly nada!) I am aching to get back to Alexander’s world. Tomorrow, I hope!

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