good bones

The Lady of Shalott, John Atkinson Grimshaw

Silk River review moving along, now at the note-taking phase. I’ve divided the manuscript in sections, ten pages per section, and I’m reading and making notes page by page, section by section. There’s lots of exposition about the characters, neck-snapping transitions, and scenes that go nowhere but the story, as I’ve said before, has good bones.

Rochelle and Jewel are good strong characters, especially Jewel, although she is supposed to be a supporting character, she may supplant Rochelle as main character. Why might that happen?

Jewel’s story arc is stronger than Rochelle’s at the moment. Silk River as it is belongs more to Jewel than Rochelle, although Rochelle’s story has potential too. Both women are fully formed in my mind, but Jewel’s story has more drama.

Considering how painful writing A Lamentation of Swans has been, and continues to be, it’s comforting to have a completed rough draft of this book, a contemporary novel. This is the second such novel I’ve completed. Loose Daddy is the first, and it needs a rewrite too, but it can wait a while longer.

I know the title, “Silk River,” will change. I need something more in tune with the characters than the town.


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  1. Good for you! I’ve just finished my last night school class so now I’m on Easter break I can concentrate more on my novel. Have lots to do and still have to send out those travel articles to market too. But at least I have a few free weeks to work.

  2. Hello, welovetea! Thank you and thanks for dropping by! d:)

    Hey Wynn–nice to hear from you; figured you were pretty busy with the class. Hope your free weeks are productive! d:)

    Devon, maybe so. I’m feeling pretty bummed about SWANS lately, but it’s good to have a lively project to work on. d:)

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