Pain, Carlos Schwabe

Well shoot…I’ve fallen into a funk.


2 thoughts on “bleh

  1. You could always come swim in our sewery flood waters! 😉

    Just kidding.

    Sorry you’re feeling blue. Sometimes that happens during the seasonal change. Has the new job started? Are you having separation whatevers from the old job?

    With everything going on, I’ve lost track of your timeline, I’m afraid. I’m sorry.

    Give yourself a treat to feel better — like a day at a museum or a spa or something.

  2. Yeah, I seem to be floundering. The new job started the fifth; not sure if I’m going to be happy there, but I’m never happy anywhere since I’d rather not be in that particular world. I think it’s Swans. I so frustrated with that book, I don’t know what the hell to do. d:

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