the vorpal blade

Psyche, John William Waterhouse

An hibernal dawn this morning, a porcelain sky, and I hear the birds hidden in the green of new leaves. Having set aside A Lamentation of Swans, at least for the rest of March, I’ve revised this month’s objectives:

Read-through and review of the November novel, Silk River. I completed the first read-through. Now in the “what I have, what I need” phase. I enjoyed the read-through, was surprised by the humor and the liveliness of the characters. Considering the pressure under which it was written, the novel is full of surprises of character and action. It needs a lot of work still; the narrative is inconsistent, the point of view vague, the action episodic, but the characters are great, and the story has good bones.

Prepare for writing a novella in April. . Michelle sent me the link for the Black Orchid Novella Award, a contest sponsored by the Nero Wolfe Society. It has to be an original mystery, “traditional” in flavor, and entries must be 15,000-20,000 words. The deadline is May 31, 2007.

Read Chapters 9 – 12 of The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

Continue work on Swanology

Actually the only difference is adding the novella project and deleting A Lamentation of Swans.



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  1. Tonight on TV they are showing the documentary film, WINGED MIGRATION, from 2001, which was nominated for an Oscar. Probably you have heard of it or seen it, but as I saw it I immediately thought of your novel. I’m watching it now, and I’m getting all sorts of inpsiration for fantasy novels just from the scenery, and the sight of the birds in flight. If you haven’t seen it recently, you should rent a copy on DVD or maybe public television will run it again sometime. It’s truly inspiring. Not only do I think of stories involving birds or other wildlife, but I can imagine other stories taking place in these settings.

    Best wishes for your continued progress and success!

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