Pipesmoker, Charles Lefebvre, Belgian

I’m feeling discombobulated and irritated today.  Most of Sunday I worked on Swanology and it’s turning out beautiful. I decoupaged the binder with a triple cutout of Rossetti’s Proserpine, and found a great site about ships and got a drawing of Gaius’s ship, the Dandanae, which I figured out is a type of ship called a flute (of Dutch origin), named for the wine glass because it was long and slender. Flutes were sturdy vessels, had generous cargo space, and required minimal crew. Used for coastal travel, they were a favorite with merchants.  Also found a great site about swords and got a beautiful full page print of Ferrant’s weapon.

But the writing didn’t go well. I only managed a paragraph of a new Mira scene and it may come to nothing. I wish I’d taken the last three days of this month as vacation.


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  1. New job starts March 5! I took off the Thursday and Friday in March so I’d have a long weekend before starting, but I should have gone ahead and taken the last 3 days of Feb too–but instead I’m training the new person.

    SWANOLOGY–thanks! I’m really enjoying doing it. Think I’ll make this a part of my overall creative process. d:)

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