heck of a lot of bobbling going on


The Lady of Shallot, Emma Florence Harrison

Devon’s comment to my last post is a worthy reminder of having the long view. Not being a linear writer ‘though, like my friend Janet, I peek and peer through bits and pieces of the story lens and write this and that and hither and yon, never seeing more than a sentence, sometimes a paragraph, ahead. Meanwhile my thoughts bobble like those old-fashioned candy machines that jetted air and set colorful jawbreakers to bouncing about inside the glass. As Devon says, none of those questions that bobble through my mind are answerable at the time they bobble, and that’s fine with me. I let ’em bobble ’cause that’s how that little voice in my head works.

But my patchwork quilt way of working does yield pages and pages and pages of story stuff and bobbling questions galore, and sometimes I’m able to sew a patch or two together. I’ve lived with A Lamentation of Swans for so long and filled notebooks with so much detail that lately some of the pieces have connected themselves and so I got that great conversation between Vinza and Annasara the other day, and made my three-scene goal for this month.

Quite a lot is growing in the story, but a good deal of it remains beneath still waters. I know it will float free in its own good time, and eventually (soon, I hope) I’ll be staring at the whole tapestry.


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  1. I’ve written a lot of Shadow in that way — bits and pieces as they bobble into my head. I find the spontaneous writing bits are often the ones I need to do the least editing on. I’m now piecing together the last part of my novel and I was delighted to find that a lot of the previously written scenes were exactly what I had visualized (and forgotten I’d already written!)

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