such fine talk

The Favorite, John William Godward

45431. Vinza and Annasara had an interesting conversation yesterday. I’m pleased with the 645 words that came. It was nice to listen to their voices; they talked; I wrote, but even so, after I was done, I wondered…does it work? Does it have purpose? What does the reader gain? What does it do for the story? I needn’t worry really, and how well the scene eventually plays depends on what comes before it and what might come after it. Shadows cast from a different light.

This morning I’m going to spend a little time connecting stray dots.

One thought on “such fine talk

  1. Those questions CAN’T be answered until you have an entire draft done. Only then will you be able to find connections and interactions that your subconcious created. If you try to control too much during the process, you lose a great deal of the unconscious creative process. Let yourself write — shape it once you have the whole thing down, so you can see patterns, themes, and connections emerge that you didn’t realize were there.

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