rowing among the waves

Clytie, Frederic, Lord Leighton

44712. Went ahead and merged my new writing with last year’s manuscript. Hope to move forward from this point.

Before sitting down to work on A Lamentation of Swans, took a stroll to the beach, coffee mug in hand, notebook and pen in my pocket in case something good occurred to me, sat on the bench, a swoop of freeform pink fake stone, and contemplated the gray wrinkled sea while cold-edged breezes reminded me that I should have worn long sleeves. Today’s not as golden as yesterday, moody sky casting forth a pewterish glare, rain predicted for tomorrow. Sat there long enough to finish my coffee. Of the three new scenes I planned to write this month, I’ve done one–between Vinza and Annasara. Considering one between Vinza and Ferrant; don’t know what the third one will be, don’t know about the one between Vinza and Ferrant yet either. The sea was not forthcoming.

On the walk home, saw flocks of crows and a squirrel in a tree grooming his tiny chin on a twig.


One thought on “rowing among the waves

  1. Sometimes the thoughts don’t come to you until after the time you’ve spent contemplating in nature. I took a long two hour walk today but didn’t conjure any new ideas for Shadow. However, it got me thinking about other stuff and certainly cleared my head and did some good things to my body. Then I sat on my butt all night watching a DVD of Mutiny on the Bounty (Marlon Brando version). Now I have a numb bum!

    (you can read about my walk on my other blog at

    It was a little break from writing about the Pig Farm Murders like i’ve been doing lately.

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