nibbling at the limits


Seaspell, Dante Gabriel Rossetti 

I hope this new job becomes my last day job. Of course that’s a hope I’ve carried for years from job to job, but my optimism is up. I’m writing; A Lamentation of Swans is progressing, and I’ve got other fiction hovering in the wings.

I’m at Chapter 9 of my reading and review, got a collection of notes, and the story fog isn’t as dense as it was. Chapter 9’s awfully long, and chapters 7 and 8 are awfully short. The scene between Ferrant and Gadiel Rachor is an opportunity for some conflict between them–think I should increase the tension there. And I need to clarify Vinza’s attitude, get rid of the omniscient voice in Chapter 9. The review, noting what I’ve got and what I need, scene by scene, chapter by chapter, is giving me a good sense of where I’m at in the story, and revealing opportunities.

I plan to be done with it by March 4, and hope to return to the page with much to write.


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