Lady of Shalott, John William Waterhouse

Up early this morning, still dark when I woke up, but light came about 6:30. From the bathroom window, could see the halo of sky, a pink glow over the edge of the roof of the apartment building across the way, patches of cumulus, ragged cotton glowing pink, the sky a milky-gray, blue here and there.

Going to Jean’s for writer’s group this morning, but have nothing to read.

Raeve is the only place a story like A Lamentation of Swans can happen. The place and the story grow out of each other. Something for me to remember when I write. Raeve the country is also a character.

Been meaning to post January’s progress and February’s objectives. So, here they are:

January’s objectives:

Write new scenes for A Lamentation of Swans.
–At 8575 words of new writing.

Begin reading first non-fiction book re: one non-fiction book a quarter.
–At Chapter 5 of The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, by Robert Asprey.

Begin research on the Georgian novel. Read Boxiana.
–Reading Boxiana. Began biographical notes on main character.

Build a picture book of A Lamentation of Swans
–working on Swanology.

Go through materials–old manuscripts and notes–and organize. Toss duplicate mss. –Done.

Pick one other story and work on it daily.
–Developing A Geometry of Vapor.

So things are in motion.

February objectives:

1. Continue building Swanology.
2. 3 new scenes for A Lamentation of Swans.
3. Work on A Geometry of Vapor.
4. Finish Chapter 5 of Bonaparte bio.
5. Write new scene for Face From Kanadrios.
6. Read another chapter of Boxiana, research for Georgian novel.

I’ve started a livejournal, mirroring some of the posts here, but not sure if I’ll keep it. Not even sure why I’ve started one, just that I read a number of them, and in order to comment you have to be a member.


2 thoughts on “halo

  1. Well it sounds like you’re on the right track and sticking to it. I just finished another travel story (from the 2003 stories I have been putting off). That makes seven in the last month and I’m finished them all except the Chile stories. But I think tomorrow I’ll go back to work on the novel as I still have a lot to do. Reading a very good book on Vencie by Jan Morris and have another stack to go through as well as my pile of TBRs. just gotta keep plugging along!

  2. You have a really balanced set of goals, and I like the idea of not pushing yourself too hard on them: if you lose a day, it’s gone, start each day fresh and meet each day’s objectives on their own terms. Sounds like you are combining “things to do” with “free time” in such a way that you will enjoy your work, feed your soul, and not burn out! That’s excellent! I’ll try to follow your example and keep a proper balance. Just thinking of it is reducing my stress!

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